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Have You Considered a Chandelier for Your Living Room or Bedroom?

Have You Considered a Chandelier for Your Living Room or Bedroom?

Does the sound of a chandelier in your bedroom seem a little strange? Bare with us, as it isn't quite what you may think. When most people think of a chandelier, they envision a grand entrance to a mansion with a big, extravagant, sprawling amount of glass twinkling on the ceiling. Right? Well, that may not be so accurate in today's modern world of lighting design.

Giving modern flair to a classic design

Yes, you can find smaller chandeliers these days that offer subtle extravagance making for a fantastic visual addition to the various rooms of your home. 

Take, for example, the Quincy Chandelier by CAFE Lighting which creates a more minimalist approach with black cones, glossy white glass spheres combined and brushed brass to give a modern twist to the idea. 

Perfect for a living room or sitting over the dinner table, this option only takes up 91.5cm ceiling space with a 57cm hang.

Get a little more traditional

For those who want to swing the pendulum back towards a more classic chandelier look while still keeping touches of modernity the Zanzibar Chandelier Light by Lexi Lighting is the perfect choice.

Perfect for any room but great if you want to add a stunning feature to your bedroom, this light has a durable metal structure that comes in Black, Stain Chrome or Antique Brass materials.

Take your style to the extreme

Finally, if you really want to offer a talking piece to your guests, the Macaw Chandelier by CAFE Lighting really makes a statement. Its unique birdcage design comes in antique black with gold speckles to match the design of any interior.

The impressive part is the handcrafted arm with clear crystal beading and drops all suspended from a removable thick rope and black chain. If you want an industrial tinge in your room with a veritable piece of art hanging from the ceiling, this is the option for you.

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