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How to Use Ceramic Pieces in Your Modern Interior Design

How to Use Ceramic Pieces in Your Modern Interior Design

Make no mistake, ceramics as part of interior design are here to stay. They are versatile pieces when compared with other materials, giving a classic tinge to modern design. There are intricate designs and various patterns that make decorating homes with ceramics a huge trend. 

The timeless look of ceramic will inspire the rest of your home’s features. There are many ways to incorporate ceramics and lighting into your interior design; let's take a look at some of our favourites.

The Zamora Table Lamp

This ceramic piece adds an element of groundedness to your space. It makes it easy to customise your look, making your interior as personal as possible. The tall, beige base is inscribed with brown-black cross-hatching giving a retro yet classy tinge to any spot in your home.

The Pippi Swirled Complete Table Lamp

Ceramics come in many vibrant colours that can offer a stunning look when paired with darker colours to balance out the texture of the room. The Pippi Swirled Complete Table Lamp is a relaxing addition to any space, thanks to its sweet, blue swirl pattern that sits on a bone ceramic base. 

Paired with a calico-linen shade, this lamp is perfect for a Hamptons-style or Contemporary home. Adding the look of pottery to your interior will attract your guests’ attention every time.

The Pilos Complete Table Lamp

If you like more modern touches, opt for minimalist ceramics like the Pilos Complete Table Lamp. Minimalist ceramics work with the idea that less is more, showing that beauty lies in perfection with precise forms. This piece will go with any type of decor and stand out with quiet beauty. Perfect for those who like to change the mood of their room regularly.

Find more in the ceramic range at Lightsup today

While the above options are some of our favourites, there is no shortage of ceramic options at Lightsup. We recommend that you have a browse to see the options available and consider how they may work to bring a new, brilliant texture to your home.

As always, our expert design team can answer any questions you may have to ensure you find the best options for your space. On top of this, you’ll always find the best prices at Lightsup. Add a new element to your aesthetic with our ceramic range today!

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