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The Best Home Office Lighting Options of 2020 Home Lighting

The Best Home Office Lighting Options of 2020 Home Lighting

As of late, we've seen a considerable rise in the number of people working from home. This is a trend that is likely to grow in the future as people are now aware of the many advantages of remote work.

To ensure your workspace at home is both comfortable and productive, you'll need a little more than just a desk and a computer. Good lighting is essential, as its absence can reduce your ability to work effectively. Your workspace should feature plenty of light, bright and be comfortably structured to help you look forward to spending time in it each day.

To help, the experts at Lightsup have compiled the best home office lighting options available right now.

Lights for the ceiling

We'll start with the primary source of light, which is likely to come from the ceiling. We recommend traditional semi-flush lights as they create a calming ambience to help make your workspace comfortable, with enough light to help your eyes.

If this doesn't quite offer the brightness you need, opt for LED ceiling lights or adjustable spotlights which allow you to direct the light on specific areas of your workspace.

Something for your desk

Lighting is an important interior design element, not just for the ambience it produces, but also the look. A feature piece on your desk can come in the form of a modern desk light that looks great but also illuminates high-concentration tasks like writing.

If space is an issue, you can look at a clip-on desk lamp that doesn't require extra desk space or fixings. If your home office is part of a room that other family members use, this is a great way to whittle down the light a little when working at night to not disturb everyone else!

Wall lighting

People often forget about wall lights, but they are a stylish and convenient option that won't require additional floor space. Opt for the swing arm versions for a little flexibility as they can be repositioned to brighten different areas of a room as needed. 

This is an excellent option for bringing light towards the desk for focused work and using the same light to brighten up the whole room at other times.

Interested to learn about some other options?

These are just some of the many options for your home office, the full range of which can be viewed at Lightsup Online. We offer high-quality and modern lighting option to ensure some stunning, contemporary interior fixtures brighten your space. Have a browse today!

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