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The New World of LED Lighting Options

The New World of LED Lighting Options

Here at Lightsup, we love anything that can save our customers money and improve the environment. This is why we get very excited when new LED products come along. LED lamps allow you to enjoy significant savings immediately as they are highly energy-efficient. They produce less heat, more light, all at a lower cost.

Let’s look at our two latest LED releases, one of which packs a double-punch when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Why choose LED?

LED uses less electricity for the same light output (around 85% less electricity compared to conventional lighting). This can make a big impact on your energy use, making your household a lot greener.

Our fave new LED Products

LED Hanging Ball Solar+DC Power

Our most exciting new LED product is the LED Hanging Solar Ball which offers white LEDs capable of sixteen colours, selectable by remote control. You can also charge this light via USB, but if placed outside, eight hours of good sunlight will give you bright lights at night for six hours.

If you need a little extra punch, use the Micro-USB Cable! These stylish lights are perfect for any area of the garden, and you can hang them in a row for a truly stunning and very bright feature.

LED Egg Lamp

For an LED option inside the home, the LED Egg Lamp is the perfect addition to any desk, cabinet or table for a touch of light when you are relaxing at night. Made of UV-resistant white PE plastic material, this cute little lamp offers a warm white with other eight colours changed by remote control. Available with a USB charging port, you can recharge the battery of this lamp via a computer or smartphone charger.

Find more options at Lightsup

LED products are growing in popularity which is why we are continually on the lookout for the new releases. Bookmark the Lightsup site for easy access to the latest and most stylish lighting releases, and make sure your home lighting options are both functional and aesthetically pleasing all the time.

If you have any questions, our experts are happy to help. Switch to LED today, save some money on the electricity bill and do your part to help the planet!

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