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The Top 5 Trending Lights

The Top 5 Trending Lights

As you probably know by now, Lightsup Online is all about helping you keep your home on-trend. There are plenty of lights trending this year, so let's dive into the popular favourites that will help keep you at the forefront of interior design in your space.

#1: Strip Lights

Strip lights are the perfect way to highlight architectural details throughout your home, specifically in the ceiling. They create a luxe layer of light in your living space and there are also options which can easily be cut with scissors to fit into your area with ease.

#2: String Fairy Lights

While these lights are commonly known (and perfect) for events like weddings or birthday parties, they can add a beautiful ambience to your home and outdoor areas at any time throughout the year. Add some String Fairy Lights to your space to create a warm atmosphere with subtle lighting that really sets the mood.

#3: Rope & Neon Lights

Rope and Neon have definitely made a comeback as a go-to feature for a vivid look. They offer a retro typeface perfect for the vintage look in a modern interior. Perfect for bedrooms, options like our fun 10m Neon Light will truly lift your mood. 

#4: Cluster Lights

If you want to take your string light game to the next level, check out the Cluster Lights options available. There is no argument that these are the perfect fit for the festive season, but well-placed Cluster Lights in the home or around your outdoor areas can create a striking effect that you will love.

#5: Icicle Lights

There is a reason why ice-caves are presented in such a magical way throughout film and TV, there is a certain atmosphere created by the light shining through an icicle and that idea is captured in these Icicle Lights to create that same feeling in your home. Whether they drape down an exterior wall or hand over the dining table, this is a look that everyone will love.

Find all of these and more at Lightsup today

All of these trending lights are available at Lightsup Online now, find these and more stylish options to make sure your home looks its best today!

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