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The Top Lighting Trends of 2021 So Far

The Top Lighting Trends of 2021 So Far

Interior lighting is a fundamental aspect of your home’s design. You can shape your home’s atmosphere just by how you locate the lighting and the fixtures you use. 

Lighting design changes from room to room and needs to reflect the functions and feel of each space. Each year manufacturers come up with advanced fixtures and bulbs, tastes and preferences change, and several notable trends you should note. To help keep you up to speed, we've picked the top four of 2021 so far.

Trend #1: Soft Gold 

There has been a spike in demand for softer colours such as grey and soft gold, which work well for contemporary decor. Choosing a soft matte finish with gold can bring out the warmth and mellowness and blend in with almost any kind of look from mode urban to farmhouse.

Trend #2: Retro and Industrial 

Rustic finishes, neutral colours, and metal emphasis are helping retro comeback, especially in modern industrial lighting. You may hear terms like "upgraded industrial" or"modern retro", but 2021 is giving them sleeker, more varied tones.

This look is perfect for the kitchen work area or as wall lighting. 

Trend #3: Mid-century modern and art deco 

Mid-century modern styles took a while to get to lighting, but that has now changed with accessible chandelier options, which set a vibe reminiscent of the 1920s to 1970s. Use them in a way that adds strong geometric designs to a space with an informal slightly artful feel.

Trend #4: Clean Lines

The style of 2021 is based mostly on clean forms as complex designs don't blend well in a clean styled space. Simpler and cleaner lighting designs that fit the minimalism trend continue to be popular in 2021. Think simple geometric designs over extravagant aesthetics.

Luckily, clean lighting works well in any space and can be used as statement pieces when hung overhead. Aim for a simple yet bold look, and you'll never be in the wrong.

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