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The Glorious World of Tiffany Pendants

The Glorious World of Tiffany Pendants

There isn't much that is more recognisable in the lighting world than the Tiffany pendant lamp. The traditional style that uses stained glass and lead is somewhat surprisingly popular in the world of contemporary interior design. Perhaps people just love a touch of nostalgia?

Regardless, Tiffany lamps are treasured by many and allow for dancing coloured light to really spruce up a room. Founded in New York City by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son in the family of world-famous jewellery retailer, Tiffany & Co, the lamps are inspired by the Roman glass collections of old. While you may not be able to find an original, the Tiffany lamp design is very much an accessible feature for your home today.

The Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Pendant

With many variations inspired by the original Tiffany designs, one of our favourites is the Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Pendant which combines a range of art glass to create a complex look that will suit any space of your home. We recommend this model for the living room, bedroom or a specific entertaining space. Also available in a variation.

Red Rose Tiffany Pendant

This version of the Tiffany style pendant brings a vintage floral touch to your lighting in colours that will sit neutral with a little pop of red to suit any space of your home. If you have a classic or country style interior design, this will be the perfect addition to your aesthetic scheme.

Vienna Tiffany Pendant

The Vienna Tiffany Pendant offers a more minimalist and modern look (in the scheme of the Tiffany pendant). For those after a classic yet classy affair, this light will still make a statement without taking away from the other elements of your interiors.

Benita Tiffany Pendant

if you are looking for something a little more unique, the Benita Tiffany Pendant is the option for you. Available in a range of colours to suit the other elements of your room, this light uses sharp angles to deliver its point, while dispersing a more powerful amount of light making it great for larger rooms.

Looking for a touch of Tiffany in your home?

View the full range of Tiffany Pendants and other lighting at Lightsup Online. From contemporary to classic looks, we have the perfect piece to decorate and light the various areas of your space. Find the lights that best represent you today!
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