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The Best Modern Exterior Lighting Options Available Now

The Best Modern Exterior Lighting Options Available Now

When it comes to your exterior lighting, there are two important functions to keep in mind. The first being the fact that the right lighting enables you to be outdoors longer, meaning you have more options for entertaining and enjoying your outdoor areas. 

The second is the decorative element. Your exterior light fittings become feature pieces that can have a significant effect on the aesthetic of your space. Let's have a look at some of the best exterior lighting options available right now to ensure your outdoors looks simply stunning.

The Trio Exterior Bulkhead Light by Oriel Lighting

Offering a significant amount of light with a style that will match any design scheme, the Trio Exterior Bulkhead is a wall light with an aluminium body and UV stabilised polycarbonate diffuser that keeps the light protected from dust and insects. It offers easy maintenance as you can spray it clean with a low-pressure hose and is energy-saving CFL ready.

The Oxley Up/Down Exterior Light by Oriel Lighting

For something a little more stylish that certainly makes a statement, the Oxley Up/Down Exterior Light in solid copper really makes a mark on your outdoor look. With its luxurious yet understated aesthetic, you can mount these lights along a wall or simply have one or two in your courtyard corners for a pleasing level of brightness and stark addition to your naturistic scene.

Available in a range of colours, these lights work as elegant focuses pieces within any design scheme.

The Vargo Collection

We love the intensity of the Vargo Collection, as they add a bold, imperial look to any setting, while also providing a quality directional light.

Choose from the round exterior or the boxy, grate like square exterior to add a sharp industrial look to your setting. These lights can be spread out in bigger space to flutter light evenly, or used individually for smaller courtyards, offering a warehouse chic that will truly make its mark in your exterior design.

Add some modern exterior lighting to your outdoor space today

Your outdoor space should be given the same level of attention and detail as the indoors. They are perfect for entertaining as everyone feels more relaxed when surrounded by nature, and the options above can help increase those levels of enjoyment. View the full range of lighting options at Lightsup Online, and bring your exterior look to a whole new level today.

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