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The Increasing Popularity of Rattan Pendant Lights

The Increasing Popularity of Rattan Pendant Lights

One of the main reasons why so many people come to Lightsup Online is our eye that we keep on the current lighting trends. So when you roam our selection, you know you are getting up-to-date designs that are increasing in popularity.

One of them is the rattan pendant light which offers a natural texture and renewed design that fits both a classic beach house style home and or the rugged coastal cottage look. They even work in Scandinavian and industrial interiors. Rattan pendant lights offer a diverse natural look that can bring an authentic warmth to any space. Let's dive into some options below. 

Natural rattan pendant lights

Natural, light-coloured rattan pendant lights pull their influence from sunny days, making them perfect for beach-style homes or small cottages. They also go well with rustic interiors that feature reclaimed wood or various rough, natural materials.

Painted rattan pendant lights

Tweak the look ever so slightly with painted rattan pendant lights perfect for Scandinavian and industrial interior designs. These sleek, oversized pendants create a calm and casual atmosphere while keeping it entirely modern.

Thick Tanah rattan pendant light

Older-style rattan pendant lights don’t look outdated when their placement is well thought out. Instead, they look stunning when hung at various heights or grouped together at the centre of a large space.

Pekan bamboo floor lamp shade

The brown Pekan bamboo floor lampshade is part of the Earth Lighting lamp range and is a stunning feature in any room due to its handwoven cane and fabric shade liner. This lamp has an impressive size and stylish design, which lend to it being a great feature piece for pretty much any room.

Bring a natural element into your home today

Lightsup online is here to find the latest designs for you and we have many lighting options to ensure you find the perfect fit. Add a modern or classic touch to your home with our range, and in the case of the rattan series, a natural tinge to your look.

Bookmark our site to keep up with the latest releases in a range of lighting styles and speak with our knowledgeable team for all of your lighting needs!

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