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Welcome to the Zoo: The Monkey Table Lamp

Welcome to the Zoo: The Monkey Table Lamp

You may remember our blog about the Qeeboo Kong lamp which offers more interesting lighting that provides a stylish yet playful look. Well, it doesn’t stop there; fans of the Qeeboo Kong, or just statement lighting with a unique tweak in general with love the Monkey Hanging Lamp.

If the standard lighting options available are boring you, Lightsup always has something special on offer. Read on to learn all about it and why it is a great addition to your zoo - whoops, we mean, home!

The Monkey Hanging Table Lamp

The Monkey Hanging Lamp is another in the line of lighting options that take a modern art idea while keeping a minimalist sense of style so you can have the best of both worlds in your home. The pinnacle of style trends in 2021 is taking ideas from the street, and giving them a sheen that creates a timeless style for any interior design.

The world of pop art influences these vinyl-toy like sculptures that are given a matte black sheen to work with any aesthetic. Want your friends to do a double-take when they see your lamp? This is the piece for you.

The zoo doesn't stop there

Not a fan of monkeys? Or perhaps you want to add to your home zoo? The Giraffe Standing Table Lamp can help. This is perfect for those who prefer the all-white look. The style and unique look of the zoo lamp series offers a chance for those who are aiming for the super-minimalist look.

Perfect for additions to desks, bedside tables and hallway tables, these lights offer a boost to your main lighting and a great piece for low light options when it’s time to relax at the end of the day.

Be adventurous with your design today

Lightsup online is here to ensure you have access to lighting options that stray from the ordinary. We keep on the fringe of style to add a modern touch to your home, perfect for those who want a statement piece that will be a talking point for whoever looks its way.

Bookmark our site to see what is happening in the world of modern lighting styles. Our knowledgeable team helps find the right lights for you and we are continually updating our range. Lightsup is the first place you should look for all of your lighting needs!

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