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Why Your Rooms Should Include a Floor Lamp

Why Your Rooms Should Include a Floor Lamp

You may not often think about it, but a light, a bright feeling home makes for a comfortable space. That being said, there are times where you only need a small amount of light to create a level of ambience or to help you relax.

A great way to rectify a room that is too dark, or to essentially dim the lighting of your space is with a floor lamp. Good lighting is a key design element in every room, and it is much easier to add a floor lamp than to install windows or replace lights that are hard-wired.

Floor lamps should be your new best friend, and a great way to add light to space without breaking the bank.

Floor lamps as a design choice 

Luckily, there are many floor lamp options, so it's easy to choose one that complements your style. This spacious addition can accommodate a large wattage to really lighten up every room. 

A personal favourite of ours is the Beverly Floor Lamp by Cougar Lighting, which is a sleek, minimalist design that will suit just about any decor.

If you don't quite have the room for a full lamp, opt for the smaller version - a table lamp! A personal favourite of ours is the Tiffany Table Lamp which can be added to space with a little less room available.

Where best to place your floor lamp

Floor lamps are a very versatile addition that works in many spots; some popular choices include:

  • Next to a sofa or statement chair
  • Standing alone in a corner
  • Next to a bed 
  • Beside a small nightstand 
  • Beside a desk or on the counter for a table lamp

A well-lit room often has three light sources, not inclusive of any available natural light. Overhead lighting is the first source, followed by two more of your choice. Aim to place these in the dark spots of the room, and you will have a beautifully lit room that you can customise based on the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve.

Where best to place your floor lamp

Find a floor or table lamp to best suit your space

Lightsup offers a large range of floor and table lamps online. We curate the finest lighting options to ensure that finding the right one for your decor is easy, while also keeping you on-trend. You’ll find a large selection from a number of designers all at amazing prices. From something clean and minimal to a piece that makes more of a statement, the options are ready and waiting for you. Take a look today!

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