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Everything You Need to Know About the Classic Banker Lamp

Everything You Need to Know About the Classic Banker Lamp

Possibly one of the most famous and timeless table lamps around, the banker lamp you've seen in a host of American movies is a great piece to add to your home office setting.

Often with antique brass or chrome-coloured luminaire, give an old-fashioned touch to your interior design with this staple that offers a refined and luxurious look with optimal functionality. 

What is a banker lamp?

The banker lamp offers a retro 1930s style with a vintage look that offers powerful lighting on a side table or desk. Often with brass and opaline luminaire, the lamp was originally used as notary’s lamp in American libraries at the start of the 20th century.

From there it moved to the desks of Wall Street financiers where it became known as a banker’s lamp.

Moving through the ages

Modern banker-style desk lamps are reproductions of a model developed in the 1930s with a heavy foot and brass bow for stability.  There are many versions available, all keeping to a variety of the classic which are still in-demand today.

These models add a serious atmosphere to your desk, providing a certain tone for the conscientious worker.

The detail of the banker lamp

With its unique style, the banker lamp, often in bronze, gives a pleasant visual appeal, soft to the touch and sturdy for reliability. The base offers excellent stability when sitting on your desk, meaning no risk of inadvertently tipping or falling.

The banker lamp offers a suitable level of light diffusion, which is possible the primary the secret benefit of this lamp. The semi-opaque opaline lens provides a more comfortable light on your work area with no glare effect.

It should be noted that the banker lamp is not meant to be a sole source of light ina room, more like addition for focussed work. 

Choosing your style of lamp

Banker-style desk lamps have adapted slightly over the years to a point where you can find a few different varieties to better match your specific interior design scheme. 

Originally green at the beginning, you can now choose from a range of different colours. Changes aside; however, the traditional and timeless look of the lamp remains, making it a wonderful addition to any space.

Would you like to add a banker lamp to your collection?

We have many options for banker lamps and other varieties for your home office, and you can see the full range at Lightsup Online. Our high-quality and modern lighting will truly brighten your space. Find your favourite today!
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